Arena Fortify Acquisition Corporation

Arena Fortify Acquisition Corporation was formed by Arena Investors, LP (“Arena Investors” or “Arena”), which was founded in 2015 in partnership with The Westaim Corporation. With $3.6 billion of assets under management as of August 1, 2022,* and a team of more than 100 employees in offices globally, senior leaders with decades of experience, and an institutional client base, Arena has also been recognized as having industry-leading performance. The firm and its employees engage across corporate, real estate, commercial & industrial, structured finance, and consumer asset investments, including energy-related transactions that have totaled more than half a billion dollars over the past 5 years.

Our management team, the investment professionals at Arena Investors, and the operating professionals at Fortify Energy Management (“Fortify Energy”), an affiliate of Arena Investors, have extensive experience navigating operational turnarounds, corporate bankruptcies, and balance sheet restructurings. We maintain a relationship with Fortify Energy to manage operational and strategic objectives of Arena’s controlled investments within the energy sector. We anticipate leveraging the operational and strategic expertise of Fortify Energy through our transaction diligence process with potential for post-transaction involvement.

*Assets under management include committed and invested assets.

Governance Documents